Retailers have been having problems with their card payment devices for almost two weeks. After a software update it works again, but the dealers can’t avoid replacing it.

After the failure of payment terminals from the manufacturer Verifone, the service provider Concardis advises its customers to replace the devices despite a software update.

After thorough testing, the solution was only viewed as a temporary solution due to the complexity and a remaining risk of error, Concardis announced on Thursday. The company has enough replacements in stock for the failed H5000 card terminals.

Among other things, the supermarket chain Aldi Nord had already announced on Monday that it would carry out a conversion in its branches in order to solve the problem that had existed since the beginning of the previous week.

The Concardis competitor Payone informed on Wednesday about the solution package from the manufacturer Verifone. Accordingly, technicians will gradually install the update on site. In addition, a multi-pronged approach is used. The first terminals have already been replaced and additional replacement devices have been procured. As long as the update cannot be carried out locally by some customers, Payone also offers the transition to direct debit-based payment methods so that merchant customers can accept card payments again as quickly as possible.

The German trade association announced that it would work through the effects of the failure of the H5000 terminal type, which is widespread in Germany. The disruption of the Verifone devices caused trouble for consumers. In many shops, only cash payments were possible.