Ricky Martin defends himself against the allegations of violence. He said on Twitter that these were “completely false allegations”.

After an injunction against him, Ricky Martin (50) personally denied the allegations. According to media reports, a judge in Puerto Rico issued the order last week. The singer tweeted about the “false allegations” in the domestic violence restraining order.

The order issued against him is based “on completely false allegations”, so he will face the legal process with the sense of responsibility that characterizes him, writes Ricky Martin. Since this is an ongoing process, “I cannot make any detailed statements at this time”. He also thanked the “countless expressions of solidarity” he had received.

Further proceedings against the singer?

Earlier, police confirmed that an order had been issued against Martin in connection with a domestic violence law, according to Telemundo Puerto Rico television station. However, no complaint was received by the authorities. An unknown person contacted the court directly. Nothing is known about details.

Representatives of the 50-year-old had already rejected the allegations. The US magazine “People” said in a statement that they were “very confident that our client […] will be fully exonerated when the real facts in this matter come to light.”

Ricky Martin may have another case to appear in court. A former manager has reportedly announced a breach of contract lawsuit against the star, reportedly worth around $3 million. She claims the singer owes her unpaid commissions. The woman is said to have worked for the musician from 2014 to 2018 and again in 2020.