Inflation in Germany recently jumped to 7.9 percent – the highest level in almost 50 years. The finance minister now wants to devote himself to the subject.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner has declared combating high inflation as a goal for the ongoing negotiations on the 2023 federal budget.

The top priority must be to stabilize economic development and tackle rising prices, said the FDP leader on Monday in Berlin. The expansive financial policy in Germany will end with the budget for the coming year. “It’s now about showing responsibility towards the generation of children and grandchildren,” said Lindner.

It remains the case that the debt brake should come into effect again in 2023. At the same time, however, the federal government must take pressure off prices and not generate even more demand through subsidies in certain areas.

Lindner explained that the current budget talks are very different from the past. “Now the traffic light coalition is being formed,” he said. It is about returning to a normal financial policy and to a policy that has to deal with scarcity. “We are now ending the addiction to more and more debt and more and more subsidies,” emphasized Lindner.