The discounter Aldi is recalling an instant coffee. Glass splinters could be in some glasses. The affected batches have already been sorted out from the branches.

Product recall at Aldi-Nord: It’s about the soluble coffee “Moreno Gold 100 g”. The discounter said on its website that there could be glass splinters in some batches. Articles with a best-before date of June 18, 2023 and lot L1169 are affected.

Aldi warns: There may be glass splinters in some items

The public recall was successful because it could not be ruled out that this soluble coffee occasionally contained glass splinters. Articles with the affected best-before date should not be consumed for this reason either. Customers should bring the item back to the stores and the purchase price would be refunded. The affected articles have already been removed from the branches.

The affected date of minimum durability of the article “Moreno Gold 100 g” is exclusively in the companies Hann. Münden, Radevormwald, Schloss-Holte and Werl were traded, it was said. Other sell-by dates and other items from the Moreno brand, as well as other items from the supplier “Seda Outspan Iberia S.L.U.” are not affected by the public recall.

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