Those who prefer natural hair colors will love this look: Riviera brunette is the color now worn by stars like Lily James.

This hairstyling trend creates a summer feeling and wanderlust. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber (25), Karlie Kloss (29) and Lily James (33) love the Riviera brunette hair color. In an interview with “Vogue”, master colorist Paul Bingham from Larry King Hair also raved about the naturally beautiful shade for brown hair: The look feels very natural and organic, almost “as if the hair has been naturally lightened by sea salt and the heat of the sun would have been”.

Riviera brunettes or beach brunettes are the countertrend to extreme hair colors like platinum blonde or pink hair this summer. Rich chocolaty tones are combined with highlights that make the hair look sun-kissed. The coloring technique is derived from ombré and balayage. Hairstylists use the dimensional color method to achieve the perfect beach look.

Feminine, sophisticated, relaxed look

This creates a very feminine, sophisticated and relaxed look. You look like you’ve just returned from a relaxing holiday on the Riviera. The hair does not require much styling for the most beautiful result. Riviera brunettes look best with natural waves or beach waves.