Robert De Niro has revealed in an interview that he owns all of Taylor Swift’s albums. Is there a “Swiftie” slumbering in the actor?

Is there a secret “swiftie” in Hollywood star Robert de Niro (78)? In an interview with the industry magazine “Variety”, which is about the Tribeca Film Festival, he also talks about Taylor Swift’s (32) music. The Oscar winner admitted to owning “all of her albums”. He would therefore not say that he was “not a fan”: “I probably hear their music and like them on the radio.” The festival was founded by De Niro and Jane Rosenthal (65) in 2001. Swift’s film “All Too Well: The Short Film” will also be shown there in 2022.

Together in front of the camera

As part of the Tribeca Film Festival, Taylor Swift will present her film and talk about filmmaking on June 11th at the Beacon Theater in New York City. It is currently not known whether De Niro will also be present.

Additionally, Swift and De Niro will soon be seen together on the big screen. The two play in David O. Russell’s (63) film “Amsterdam”, which is due to be released in November. Many more stars will appear in it alongside them. Also included are Margot Robbie (31), Christian Bale (48) and Anya Taylor-Joy (26).