It is US Secretary of State Blinken’s fourth visit to Kiev since the start of the Russian war of aggression. This time the 62-year-old surprises with an unexpected performance.

Unusual appearance in Kiev: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken not only spoke in the Ukrainian capital about arms deliveries for Ukraine, which is under attack by Russia, but also demonstrated his musical talent. The 62-year-old took the stage in a Kiev bar on Tuesday evening (local time) and picked up the guitar, as could be seen in a video. “I know these are really difficult times,” said the US chief diplomat. But the people of Ukraine should know that the US and the free world have their backs. Then the band on stage started singing Neil Young’s “Rockin ‘ in the Free World”. Blinken accompanied the 1989 hit on guitar and sang along with the chorus.

The US Secretary of State arrived unannounced on Tuesday for a visit to the Ukrainian capital. The visit, which, as usual, was not announced for security reasons, was the fourth for Blinken since the war began in February 2022. It was also the first visit after the USA passed a long-delayed aid package worth 61 billion US dollars (56.5 billion euros).

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