Rosaviation recommended to airlines not to fly over the Persian Gulf

the Federal air transport Agency recommended Russian airlines not to fly in the airspace of Iran, Iraq, the Persian and Oman gulfs. This telegram the Department sent the carriers on the morning of 8 January. The recommendation is due to “information on risks for international operations”.

“statements” acquainted with the text of the document, its authenticity confirmed by a representative of Federal air transport Agency.

January 8, early in the morning a few minutes after take-off near Tehran airport fell Boeing 737 “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA). The plane flew to Kiev. On Board were 179 people, of whom none survived. The cause of the tragedy previously was technical malfunction of the engine. The representative of Federal air transport Agency declined to comment on the crash.

From Russian airlines in Tehran now fly only “Aeroflot”. But Iran and Iraq are air routes from Russia to Dubai. On these routes, the flights carry the aircraft “Aeroflot”, “Victory”, as well as Charter carriers Nordwind, Azur Air, I Fly, and the Royal Flight. Some Charter carriers also fly to the capital of the second Emirate – Abu Dhabi. “Vedomosti” has sent requests to these airlines.

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These recommendations, the Federal air transport Agency has not previously granted: normally the regulator of telegrams was just banned flights to certain countries – Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, but it was a decision taken by the President or the government. In 2015, when the Arab terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Russia) directly in the airport of Sharm El-Sheikh planted a bomb in the Russian ship companies “Kogalymavia” (killing all 224 people), just Rosaviation recommended to airlines to increase security measures for international flights, and avoid gas stations in foreign airports.

the employees of the two airlines say that the decision on the recommendation is pending. The Federal air transport Agency had either to ban flights (such powers of the regulator), or not to give recommendations because it is unclear how to proceed, says one of the interlocutors. The cancellation of flights is a loss, plus it is not clear how then to take out passengers from the Emirates, says another interviewee.

We plan to fly in flight Iran, through Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, waiting for permission to fly, said a representative of the I Fly. The trip duration will increase by about 10 minutes, he added. Flight from Moscow to Dubai lasts 5-5. 5 hours.