Rosaviatsia gave advice to airlines about flights to the middle East

on the Evening of 9 January, the Federal air transport Agency sent a Russian airlines another telegram about the flights to the middle East. The first was sent on the morning of 8 January and was just recommended to avoid flying over Iran, Iraq, the Persian and Oman gulfs.

the Second telegram gives practical advice on flying in the zone of armed conflict, the document signed by the head of Rosaviatsia Alexander Neradko. “Vedomosti” familiar with the telegram, its contents are confirmed employees of the two airlines.

In the middle East region has developed additional threats to safety in connection with the conduct of active hostilities, says Neradko.

What’s going on in Iran

January 3, the U.S. attacked military targets Iran in Iraq. On the night of 8 January, Iran struck back at US military bases in Iraq. Also the early morning of 8 January when departing from the airport of Tehran crashed civilian airliner Boeing 737-800 aircraft of the airline “Ukraine International airlines”, all 176 people on Board were killed. Iran insists that the catastrophe had caused the engine malfunction.
But on 9 January in the evening Moscow time leading American media — CNN, NBC, Walk Street Journal reported, citing sources in the us intelligence that the plane was accidentally shot down an Iranian air defense from anti-aircraft complex “Thor”.

you Must consider the threat of conflict, when the parties are in a heightened state of alert, and the inability of the state to fully control its airspace, says Neradko.

Through the territory of Iran from North to South is the best route from Moscow to the United Arab Emirates, one of the most important tourist destinations for Russians in winter. Through the airspace of Iran also held an air trassy Dubai from other cities of Russia.

How to fly under fire

In the second telegram Neradko recommended that airlines choose to fly alternative routes. But then the document lists a huge amount of tips for flying in the conflict region.

Airlines need to pay special attention to professional and moral qualities of the pilots, says Neradko. It is necessary to consider the possibility of deviation from the course and have fuel for this. You should also learn the emergency procedures for engine failure or depressurization of the cabin.

“Aeroflot” contrary to the recommendations of the Federal air transport Agency continues to fly over Iran Flights to Dubai round the this country will last an hour and a half longer Business

When flying over the areas of armed conflict need to have proper on-Board equipment that will enable the military to identify civilian aircraft, says Neradko. We are talking about the external illumination of the plane and the logo of the airline.

you Must constantly listen to the emergency frequency 121.5 MHZ to take command of military organs, the telegram says. The crew preferably reinforced by additional personnel. The commander of the vessel must know the procedure for the interception of the ship (when war planes forced the ship to change course), to know the visual signals of the interceptor.

in addition, pilots need to monitor and recognize if from the ground will be signal rockets on the entrance prohibited area — missile every 10 seconds, giving a flash of red or green or flashes in the shape of a star, the telegram says.

At the end Neradko asks you to confirm the receipt of a telegram and the adoption of its execution until 13 January.

Where there is a ban on flights of

“Airlines are perplexed by actions of the Federal air transport Agency and capivania responsibility of the airline. If there is a security risk, you need a NOTAM (message controller to the airlines on time constraints flight – approx. “Statements”) about the prohibition of flights. The state, with its intelligence services certainly know better about the risks than the airlines”, — is outraged by an employee of the Russian airline. Normally NOTAMs are issued in connection with the state of the aerodrome or weather conditions, they are binding.

the Representative of Rosaviation has not replied to the query why the regulator does not impose a ban on flights.

the Ban is a force majeure that make the physical performance of the obligations of the airline are impossible, for example, before the tour operators. The recommendation means that the economic risks for the rejection of a flight or a longer route, the airline takes on, said the source in another carrier.

most Active in Dubai in the interests of the tour operators flying Charter carrier Air Azur: up to two flights a day from Moscow and the flight of about 30 other Russian cities to Dubai, however, about once a week.

From scheduled carriers from Moscow to Dubai flies “Aeroflot” (four times daily) and the low-cost airline “Victory” (four times a week). From other cities in Dubai fly S7 airlines and “Ural airlines”.

After the first telegrams of the Russian aviation authorities, all airlines 8 January said it will follow the recommendations. But so far it has made only Air Azur: both her flight today, flying from Moscow, and Dubai, via Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Back in Moscow, the ships flew through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. The elongation time in comparison with the optimal rate of 5-5. 5 hours was one and a half to two hours, follows from the data flightradar24

“Aeroflot” on January 9 made eight flights over the territory of Iran: four flights to Dubai and the four seasonse back. Also through Iran flew Ural airlines (in Chelyabinsk) and Royal Flight (in Saratov).

“statements” sent requests “Aeroflot” and “Victory”.