Roshal voted and voiced the idea amendments

One of the authors of the amendments to the Constitution, the President of Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology, President of the Union of the medical community “national medical chamber”, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front Leonid Roshal voted on Sunday, June 28, in the Academy of Sciences building on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow.

After the vote, Roshal said on the TV channel “Russia 24” that the amendments to the Constitution is very important. In particular, in health care amendments create a “vertical of public authority”. “But the vertical is not enough, you have to infuse it with content,” said the medic.

the Main idea of the amendments is that a person regardless of their place of residence get access to quality medical care. According to him, earlier it was not so clearly spelled out in the Constitution.

“that’s Probably why 85 percent of Russians support these amendments. We are grateful for that,” said Dr. Roshal.