It was supposed to be a leisurely bike ride through the fields of Norfolk – but an encounter with a photographer caused Prince William to lose his composure.

Prince William, of course, is in the spotlight as Britain’s future king. He regularly makes public appearances, often with his entire family – his wife Kate and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. He has long since got used to the fact that the press is interested in the royal family. But apart from the official events, a prince also wants to have a private life. And William defended that very vehemently, as a video from the previous year shows.

Prince Charles’ son was out cycling with his family on the country lanes near Sandringham Castle. Apparently completely private, without security. As he soon discovered to his chagrin: a mistake. The 40-year-old William spotted a photographer a little later. And he reacted to this encounter with extreme indignation. Even if the man claimed to be going for a private walk and didn’t have his camera in hand, he felt the prince’s anger.

Prince William confronts photographers

“They ambushed us and our children,” he accuses the paparazzo. “You are bold, you are disgusting, how dare you act like that?” While William calls his security, the photographer tries to convince him that he just happened to be walking there. But in vain. “Thanks for ruining our day,” scolds William. Before security takes care of the photographer, his mobile phone video breaks off.

Despite his harsh words, the prince is met with a lot of understanding for his behavior. Not least because the British tabloids are notorious for their ruthlessness towards celebrities, and he probably remembers only too well how paparazzi treated his late mother, Princess Diana. It’s more than understandable that the 40-year-old wants to protect his own children from the gossip press.

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