After a stay in a mental hospital, Ruby Barker is back home. She thanks her fans in a video.

Ruby Barker (25) is out of the hospital. The “Bridgerton” actress had gone to a clinic because of mental problems. Now she reports with an Instagram video from vacation.

Ruby Barker films her video message from a pool in front of an idyllic natural backdrop. First of all, she thanks everyone who has supported her: her loved ones, her fans and followers, even the press. “You guys make me so happy to be alive,” she says.

She did not expect the support she received from the clinic for a video. A few days ago, Barker made her mental problems public, also via Instagram. The response to it made her feel less alone. Barker also recognizes her doctors and health care workers.

She’s doing better now. She’s on holiday right now to have some space to herself and breathe easy. You spend a lot of time in nature. The actress also talks a lot to her loved ones so as not to isolate herself. Overall, Barker is optimistic about the future. “I can’t wait for the future”.

Message to her younger self – and others affected

The actress – who portrays Marina Thompson in ‘Bridgerton’ – sends a message to her younger self: “Listen, it’s not all bad, even when you’ve hit rock bottom.” Even in the darkest hours there is something to laugh about. She noticed that herself in psychiatry. But it is hard work to see the good.

“Bridgerton” colleague Claudia Jessie (32) also helped her along this path. “She told me to flip a coin: it might be dull on one side, but if you flip the coin you’ll find that the other side is shiny”.

Finally, Barker addresses everyone who is also struggling with their mental health. “I see you, I feel for you”. Her advice: “Look for the positive and flip the coin”.