“Bridgerton” star Ruby Barker reports with a courageous video from the hospital. She struggled with mental health issues.

Ruby Barker (25) is in the hospital with mental health problems. In an Instagram video, the “Bridgerton” actress reports from the clinic and speaks frankly to her fans.

“I feel like I haven’t been completely honest, so I’m reaching out to my followers,” the Brit wrote about the video. Since her time on “Bridgerton”, where she played Maria Thompson, she has been struggling with mental problems.

“I’m better,” Barker gives the all-clear at the beginning of the video. But she had been bad for a long time. You just needed a break from yourself.

“Stop being hard on yourself”

The actress encourages others who are also struggling with mental health issues to take a break and seek help. “Stop being so hard on yourself,” she says.

“I was full of anger, I had a generational trauma bundled inside me,” Barker says of her old self. Now she has worked through these problems and received a diagnosis. What exactly she was diagnosed with, she wants to reveal elsewhere.

“I Will Survive”: A Fighting Look At The Future

Now Barker will be released soon. She is fighting and optimistic about the future. “I can’t wait to do all my assignments, have a good career and live a good life,” she says. Before she took care of her mental health, she had to cancel a theater engagement because of a corona disease.

“I want to survive and I will survive, I will – and so can you”. With these words she says goodbye.