You rarely see a prime minister like this: Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin visits a rock festival – in a leather jacket, boots and short jeans. Marin has received a lot of praise and admiration online.

You probably wouldn’t see Olaf Scholz that relaxed and cool. And that’s not how you saw Angela Merkel or former British Prime Minister Theresa May. But Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin raises the level of coolness for heads of government and heads of state enormously: the 36-year-old Finnish Prime Minister appeared at a rock festival wearing a leather jacket, short jeans and boots. There was widespread praise and admiration for the “coolest head of government in Europe” online on Sunday.

Sanna Marin: “Legend” and “so cool”

The organizers of the Ruisrock festival on the island of Ruissalo, which belongs to the southwestern Finnish city of Turku, shared the black and white portrait of photographer Janita Autio on their Instagram page. “Legend”, commented one user, “so cool” another user. The politician is known for her fondness for rock music.

Marin confirmed the visit on her own account. There she posted a photo showing her with husband Markus Raikkonen. “Today the vacation started. To Turku in Finland and Ruisrock,” she wrote. She also presented some short videos of performances by Finnish artists. It was not known whether, like many other festival visitors, she drank cans of beer, banged her head and took part in the usual wild pogo dances in front of the stage.