Russell Crowe is on vacation in Rome. The “Gladiator” star insisted on showing his children the Colosseum.

Russell Crowe (58) enjoys his family vacation in Italy, more precisely in Rome. The actor, known among other things for his historical film “Gladiator”, shared a snapshot on Twitter in which he posed with his sons Tennyson (16) and Charles (18) in front of the Coliseum. His partner Britney Theriot, with whom he is said to have been together for a long time, can also be seen on it.

“Took the kids to see my old office,” the actor joked. With this, Crowe alludes to his role as the Roman general Maximus in “Gladiator” (2000). The film takes place in ancient Rome. Russell Crowe won an Oscar for his performance.

Trevi Fountain is one of his “favourite places”

In addition, Crowe shared a shot of the Trevi Fountain. “One of my favorite places in the universe,” wrote the 58-year-old. Russel Crowe, who is currently starring as Zeus in Thor: Love