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Russia celebrates on earth and in space

Russia celebrates on earth and in space

Russia Day this year is celebrated no public festivals, but no less sincere: with a live stream of the main theaters of the country, with the festival of flags — from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad — and with the national marathon donors. In the squares of different cities appeared online greeting card with a Declaration of love to Russia and with gratitude to the heroes of our time — physicians.

the Russian national Anthem can be heard today in even the most remote corners of Russia. On Taimyr the text even had to translate into the languages of small Nations.

June 12 — a special day for Russian sailors. Order to raise the flag on the missile cruiser “Varyag” gives himself the commander of the Pacific fleet.

a Holiday on the black sea coast in Sevastopol. How to develop a city-hero, depends on who wins the upcoming election of the Governor. United Russia on the conference of the regional branch of the party, which takes place today, on a holiday, decided: they put forward the candidacy of interim mayor Michael Razvozhaeva.

of the City today in festive attire. The ancient walls of the Moscow Kremlin painted in the colors of the tricolor for the first time in history. Lighting and government building.

the value of the present day resemble bridges in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk. Across the country — a large-scale flashmob “Windows of Russia.” One of the first acceded to the Russian state library. To maintain decided and students, for example, in Tomsk and Chelyabinsk.

Kemerovo Russia celebrates Day neighborly, in the courts.

the Cadets of EMERCOM in Yekaterinburg — a double celebration: today they take the oath.

For many, the Day of Russia — a reason to go on nature. On the island of Iturup tricolor stretched straight on one of the active volcanoes.

across the country held street festivals graffiti. With one of the walls at the favorite far Voscurrent now looks the famous Explorer, geographer, traveler Vladimir Arseniev.

Krasnodar thanked the couriers, which in the last few months was a lot of work.

And in Tyumen decided to pay tribute to his countryman, an outstanding architect Nikolai Nikitin. Ostankino tower, the main building of Moscow state University, Motherland in Volgograd — it’s all his projects.

Giant inscription appeared at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. Worked half a dozen artists. 570 meters in length and 52 meters in height — it’s hard not to notice.

In many regions today decided to surprise holiday pies and cakes. Especially active were the residents of Chita. Their neighbours-the people in debt left. Here is a festive fish stuffed with salmon. But the main treat — ice cream for dessert.

congratulations to the Russians and the leaders of political parties.

“whatever it was, coronavirus, crises, and sanctions, we still win all and be the best, because we are a great strong and independent state”, — said the Chairman of “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov.

a Holiday on the ISS, which today is declared a day off.

And Muscovites congratulated aerobatic team “First flight”. It is Russia’s only professional aerobatic piston aircraft, the pilots of which synchronously execute the most difficult elements to the limit.