Russia does not rule out NATO provocations to the Victory Parade.

Russia does not rule out provocative actions by NATO in the period of preparation and holding of the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, said Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.

“I would hope that common sense will prevail, but full of confidence can not be in light of how NATO planned peak of military activity by May 9”, — quotes the words of a senior Russian diplomat TASS.

Grushko noted with regret that in Moscow do not yet see signs that the Alliance is ready to refuse carrying out large military exercises near the Russian borders, as did the Russian Federation in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. The military activity of NATO does not stop, stated the Deputy foreign Minister.

the Victory Parade, not held may 9 because of a pandemic coronavirus, will be held in Russia on June 24. In early may, the NATO ships conducted exercises in the Barents sea. 5 June in Poland began teaching Alliance Defender-20 Plus Europe, the largest in recent years, which will last for two weeks. According to Grushko, these exercises were planned “at the blueprints of the cold war.”