Russia may reduce oil exports in 2020

Transneft expects an increase of oil in the main oil pipelines in 2020 by 0.8% to 488.5 million tonnes, the company said. Deliveries to Russian refineries could rise by 5.3% to 259 million tonnes, but reduced the exports by 3.8% to of 229.5 million tonnes, the Forecasts makes a monopoly, based on the requests of the shippers. She transportorul 87% produced in Russia of oil. This year’s production may be from 555 million to 565 million tons of oil compared to 560 million t in the previous year (data of the Ministry of energy).

last year, the factories, on the contrary, reduced the intake of oil through the Transneft system by 1.3% and exports increased by 3.4%, follows from the message of the company. At the same time in 2019 at 11% increase in the export of raw materials through marine ports (+11% to 138 million tons by 2018), and the Druzhba pipeline declined by 13.5% to 42.3 million tonnes, due to the fact that the spring in the tube got oil contaminated with organochlorine compounds, temporary export on “to Friendship” have been stopped. In 2020, expects Transneft to transport “Friendship” again will reach 50 million tons, but reduced deliveries through the ports.

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