Russia will appeal against the arrest of the brands Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya

FKP “sojuzplodoimport” has called the illegal arrest of its owned trademarks for vodka Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya in the court of the Netherlands to meet the requirements of the former shareholders of Yukos.

the Federal government enterprise will appeal against the verdict. The capture of the famous vodka brands, registered in the Netherlands and the Russian state-owned was another round of struggle of the former shareholders of Yukos for payment. Russia has not received the official decision of the Dutch court said Andrey Kondakov — head of the International centre for the legal protection, representing the interests of the Russian Federation in the courts on Yukos.

may 15, 2020, Russia appealed the decision of the court of the Hague in the case of the former shareholders of Yukos, demanding to pay them $57 billion compensation.

the court of Appeal the Hague 18 Feb 2020 returned to the former major shareholders of the oil company “YUKOS” the right to receive compensation in excess of $50 billion as compensation for alleged damages.

the Trial lasts many years. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the three largest shareholders of “Yukos” – Veteran Petroleum Ltd., Yukos Universal Ltd. and Hulley Enterprises Ltd. First international arbitration at the Hague July 18, 2014 ordered Russia to pay the former owners of Yukos $50 billion. In April 2016, the court of the Hague quashed this decision.

the Oil company “YUKOS” was created in 1993. In 2003, the management and owners of the company was charged with tax evasion and violation of other laws of the Russian Federation. The court after investigation of many criminal cases sentenced the main owners of the company — Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev, Leonid Nevzlin — to long terms of imprisonment. Khodorkovsky and Lebedev and other employees of the company (the defendants) had served his sentence. Nevzlin managed to escape. Alexei Pichugin, the former head of the security Department of Yukos, is serving a life sentence. Large investors associated with the former owners, filed a claim for compensation of losses.