Russia without the policy helped those who forgot even allies

Vladimir Putin believes that because of the virus, nothing will change – the pandemic just pushed some of the processes.

“Conventionally, the most simple telemedicine. Well, what was not what? Was. Just the conditions in which we were, prompted the development of these areas, these sectors. In this sense, of course, but this infection changed a few things. But it is fundamentally nothing is changed and will not change. Gradually everything will return to normal, but, of course, a certain quality of our life, it will change,” the President said in an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.

From a policy perspective this leads to what has come an understanding of the importance of combining efforts in the fight against common threats. “It is extremely important and superficial things related to any cost to ensure their dominance, these selfish approaches to building relations on the international arena — they are at a standstill. They do not allow to operate effectively the entire international community. In my opinion, is extremely important,” Putin said.

Even if it will not lead to radical changes, gradually this awareness will accumulate. “Is that the amount of information, in my opinion, when something still has to grow in the changing quality of relations in the international arena”, — said the President.

He recalled that Russia helped some European countries even when they do not help even their closest allies, and it was done “not out of any political reasons, but because it was hard for them and because they have asked”.

“We do not climb with their proposals. We were asked – we answered. Without any considerations of a political nature, — said Vladimir Putin. — I knew people hard. They are asked to support, we did it – that’s all. And how then would try to discredit these ourand, well, noble actions and impulses — it can’t do.”

the Head of state added that an open honest and friendly Russian position is clear on the everyday human level, “and it is taken into consideration in the future political elite.”

the full interview in which Vladimir Putin told Paul Zarubino about work in conditions of a pandemic, will be released in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia 1” on 28 June at 22:00.