Russian foreign Ministry: Ukraine should provide conditions for work of diplomatic missions

the Russian foreign Ministry responded with a note of protest on abusive inscriptions, which are projected on the Russian Embassy in Kiev on June 12 the Day of Russia. In a statement the Russian foreign Ministry expressed hope that Ukraine will take measures for normal work of foreign dipuchrezhdeny on its territory.

Smolensk area appeals to ensure the principles of reciprocity and traditions of diplomacy and reaffirmed the inadmissibility of breaches of the peace or insults the dignity of foreign diplomatic missions. Moscow reminded Kiev that the operation of embassies is an international commitment by Kiev itself. Namely, we are talking about the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations 1961 and the Vienna Convention on consular relations of 1963, members of which are Russia and Ukraine.

Also in Moscow said. that the actions in Kiev is not unique. Including the “creativity” displayed by the counter intelligence Department of the security Service of Ukraine. He placed his emblem on buildings and billboards, the Russian Consulate General in Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv.