Russian politicians have criticized the cynical suggestion of Herbst in the Crimea

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst urged Kiev not to supply water to Crimea. Cynical offer American drew criticism from Russian politicians, RIA Novosti reports.

So, the co-chair of the Assembly of Slavic peoples of Crimea Roman Chegrinets said that the position of the Herbst blasphemous. He recalled that the Americans wonder why the rest of the world don’t like them. “Don’t poke your long star-spangled nose in the Affairs of other independent States”, — advised Chegrinets and added that the nose can pinch. Crimeans have no fear of sanctions — they are at home, said the politician.

state Duma Deputy Konstantin Bakharev also said that the proposal of the Herbst — wordly cynicism. He noted that diplomats from the United States are still trying to impose on the Kiev recommendations, showing thereby disrespect. Perhaps, Herbst believes that the water blockade would facilitate the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine, said the Deputy. In this case, the degree of inadequacy of the person who for many years was identified with US policy towards Ukraine, is surprising.

Senator Sergei Tsekov suggested that what Kiev is doing with Crimea — it covers the water undermines the transmission lines, terminates transport connections can be done with the help of Washington. He noted that perhaps human rights for Herbst limited to the interests of the US, the EU and Ukraine, while the rest of the “you can starve with thirst and hunger.”