Russian senators reacted to the words of the President of the United States

Senator Alexei Pushkov commented in a tweet the intention of the American leader Donald trump to postpone the summit, the G7 invited Russia. According to the Senator, the “Big seven” is outdated, the exclusion from it of Russia was a mistake. Trump feels it, but his desires are often at odds with his politics.

the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev also believes that trump’s right said the summit legacy. It is no longer a mechanism of accepting new solutions, and ritual demonstration of the unity of the countries “the Big seven”. Such a format is not interesting. And the invitation to Russia may be interested only in one case: if you see her as a full participant, not a spectator, RT reports.

Earlier, the us President announced that it was postponing the G7 summit in September and wants to invite Russia, Australia, South Korea and India. Prior to that, trump wrote on Twitter that he wants to hold a summit in the internal format, despite the pandemic coronavirus infection.

Initially the summit was scheduled for 10-12 June.