The legal situation surrounding the use of fire bowls on balconies is often not clearly regulated. In principle, the regulations of the individual countries apply and in this case it may even be that individual municipalities have specifically regulated the use of fireplaces. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with local rules and regulations before use.

However, the use of a fire bowl on the vast majority of balconies could at least not meet the safety standards that apply to fire bowls. The following minimum distances are recommended here: 10 meters from neighboring property, 50 meters from buildings and squares and 100 meters from forests or trees.

The situation is clearly regulated if the rental agreement or house rules expressly prohibit grilling on the balcony. The use of fire bowls is usually also subject to this ban. If there are still doubts, the landlord can certainly provide information.

If you still don’t want to miss out on the campfire atmosphere on the balcony, special balcony fire bowls or table fires could be an alternative.

However, if you are allowed to use the fire bowl, you should note the following: The Federal Emissions Protection Act stipulates that closed fire pits may have a diameter of less than one meter. Although most fire bowls are sold with a diameter of less than 1 m, it is still worth paying attention to when purchasing.

This regulation serves safety purposes and is intended to limit the development of smoke and odors. However, the public order office can prohibit the operation of a closed fireplace, especially if neighbors feel disturbed by smoke.

The Federal Immission Control Ordinance also clearly regulates which fuels are permitted: exclusively natural, dry wood or wood briquettes. Green waste and other garden waste as well as the burning of waste such as paper, plastic or painted wood are prohibited. Only ecological lighters are permitted, while alcohol or gasoline may not be used.