Sam Dylan and Rafi Rachek have split. The reality TV stars had recently sought a surrogate mother for a child together.

Sam Dylan (31) and Rafi Rachek (32) have split. Former “Prince Charming” contestant Dylan announced the news in an Instagram story. With a crying smiley and the phrase “I never wanted it to come to this,” the influencer introduces a more detailed statement of separation.

“I wish I had never written those words, but unfortunately Rafi is no longer a part of my life,” Dylan wrote in the story. “It also makes me particularly sad because I’ve never spent so much time with anyone other than my family in my life.”

“Evolved in different directions”

But he and Rafi Rachek have developed in “different directions” in recent weeks. The former “Battle of the Reality Star” candidate fought for the relationship to the end. But love was finally broken. The couple had already separated in 2021, but were able to pull themselves together again.

“Bad blood” did not flow during the separation. Dylan wants to remember the beautiful moments with his ex.

Rafi Rachek confirmed the split on his Instagram account with very similar words. “We have had to realize that unfortunately our two life plans do not fit together as well as we had hoped,” wrote the former “Celebrity Big Brother” participant. He also hopes for a friendly relationship with his ex.

They were recently looking for a surrogate mother

Just a few months ago, Sam Dylan and Rafi Rachek wanted to start a family. They set out to find a surrogate mother – in an unconventional way. In a casting show, they wanted to choose the woman from among the candidates who would carry their baby and raise them. The show called “All We Need Is Love” will probably be nothing.

Sam Dylan and Rafi Rachek announced their relationship in 2019. Rachek came out as gay in the fourth episode of Bachelor in Paradise. In 2018 he had fought for the favor of Nadine Klein (36) on “The Bachelorette”.