Sarah Engels and her family are currently traveling with a mobile home. An incident with fans was now “a bit scary”.

Sarah Engels (29) and her husband Julian (29) are currently on camping vacation. As the singer had already shown on Instagram in the past few days, her son Alessio (7), who comes from a previous marriage to Pietro Lombardi (30), and their daughter Solea Liana, who was born in December 2021, are also there , included.

“Adventure, here we come,” Engels wrote about a picture on Instagram that shows the family in front of a green camper van. During the trip, however, there was a less than pleasant encounter with some of the singer’s fans.

“Put very penetratively in front of the car”

In an Instagram story, Engels explains that some people had discovered their car’s parking space. Actually, Engels is always happy to see her fans “and take pictures with you, but last night some stood in front of the car very obtrusively, so we really weren’t unobserved for a second,” she writes.

When they lay in bed, they couldn’t get any rest because “just so often people stopped at our car and […] took photos”. “I found that kind of scary,” Engels explains.

During the “adventure trip” the family not only sleeps in the rented mobile home. In her stories, Engels also explains that they only planned one route with several stops and then check on the spot whether they would like to stay at a campsite or in a hotel.