In a podcast, Sarah Jessica Parker describes her view of the dispute with “SATC” colleague Kim Cattrall.

How broken is the relationship between former “Sex and the City” colleagues Sarah Jessica Parker (57) and Kim Cattrall (65) really? Parker now describes her point of view in surprising detail.

The actress explains on The Hollywood Reporter podcast that it’s very difficult to talk about the situation. But she wanted to go through it to make sure it wasn’t a “cat war” as portrayed in the media.

The dispute began with the fact that a third “Sex and the City” film had not been made due to disagreements between the film studio and Cattrall. “Were we disappointed? Sure,” she explains, referring to her colleagues Kristin Davis (57) and Cynthia Nixon (56). “But things like that happen,” Parker said.

However, Cattrall then began publicly accusing Parker of misbehaving towards her while filming “Sex and the City.” She further claimed the two were never really friends and even dismissed Parker’s condolences in 2018 after her brother’s death.

painful statements

These statements were “very painful” for Parker, as she now says, and did not reflect the experience she had on the set. “And there’s just no one who’s ever talked about me like that.”

Parker further reports that the creators of the “SATC” sequel “And Just Like That…” “didn’t even consider” Cattrall’s statements to ask her to be part of the sequel. It wouldn’t have indicated “that it’s a place she wants to be or a person she wants to play”. According to Parker, they – including Davis and Nixon – accepted that. “It has nothing to do with putting it down, it’s learning.”

“Only one person spoke”

It is particularly important for Parker to make it clear in the conversation that the rift would not be a “cat war”. “There is no war,” said Parker. There would never have been any arguments or accusations from her side. “So I just wish they would stop calling this a ‘cat war’ or a ‘quarrel’ because it doesn’t reflect reality. One person spoke.”