Have you always wondered where the biggest energy guzzlers are lurking in your household? A power meter for the socket will tell you without much effort.

Out of solidarity with Ukraine and in order to become independent of Russian gas, we must all practice doing without in the future. If you want to save gas, you shower shorter and heat more efficiently (e.g. with smart thermostats). Anyone who wants to save electricity relies on multiple sockets that can be switched off. But there are also perennials in the household that you cannot easily switch off. This includes washing machine, fridge and freezer.

But you can find out how much electricity they draw from the socket and then calculate whether an energy-saving new purchase is worthwhile. Especially in view of the rising energy prices, this can happen faster than you think. All you need is a power meter for the socket. The principle is simple: you plug the electricity meter between the socket and the household appliance and it shows you how much electricity the device draws from the socket.

revolt energy cost meter: set of 4

This simple service is performed by power meters from around 7.50 euros per meter, such as this set of four from revolt. According to the manufacturer, the electricity cost meter is particularly easy to use. It only has two buttons. The display shows how high the power consumption, mains voltage and ongoing consumption are. You can also save your price per kilowatt hour in the power meter and have it calculate how much the individual devices cost. Unfortunately, the displays are not illuminated and can therefore only be read in daylight or with the help of a flashlight.

Maxico Dual Rate Energy Cost Meter

The current measuring devices from Maxico are a bit more extensive, but twice as expensive per piece. They offer an interesting option, namely the possibility of storing different electricity tariffs in the devices. However, the setup is a bit cumbersome. Unfortunately, the display of the two measuring devices does not have a backlight either. The revolt current measuring devices do not offer this either, but buyers must be aware that reading it can be difficult. Especially when the sockets are at floor level. Nice: Maxico integrates an overload warning into its energy cost meters.

CSL – Electricity Cost Meter

If you don’t want to crawl over the laminate to read the power consumption, you unfortunately have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. The CSL electricity cost meter offers the convenience of a longer cable on which the display is located for around 35 euros each. Of course, you can also save the costs per kilowatt hour with this device so that the power meter calculates the approximate costs. Because the meter runs on a battery, it stores the data you enter. Handy when you unplug the power meter or there is a power outage. The cable is 1.5 meters long.

Eve Energy – Smart socket

Only smart sockets are even more convenient. For example, the socket from Eve Energy shows you how much electricity is flowing through the socket. However, the current meter does not need a display for this. You can view the data conveniently via the app. Their operation is usually more intuitive than the buttons on the display of a normal power meter for the socket. In addition, the socket from Eve Energy works together with the Apple Homekit. You can control the smart helper by voice control via Siri. Automations can be created for this.

For example, if you leave your home, you can set all smart sockets to switch off. Ideal for relaxed monitoring of TV stand-by mode. Of course, the smart socket also offers timers. If you charge your smartphone at night, you can configure that the socket is only switched on between midnight and 5 a.m.


In many households in the country, a Fritzbox connects computers, televisions and smartphones to the Internet. The smart socket from AVM, which harmonises perfectly with a router from the manufacturer, is suitable for all of these. Via the MyFritz! app, users can see the power consumption and program timers for the socket. Unfortunately, the sockets can only be controlled via Alexa voice command via third-party software. If you are looking for a smart socket that measures power consumption and works with Alexa, the Meross 16A is the right choice.

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