The city of Nuremberg calculates it. The temporary pool closure for 72 days saves heating energy for 383 households and electricity for 789 households.

To save energy, the city of Nuremberg is temporarily closing three of its four indoor swimming pools in the summer months. This was announced by the municipal company NürnbergBad on Friday.

At the same time, the bathing season in Nuremberg’s outdoor pools will be extended until September 25th, a statement said. The energy crisis caused by the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine calls for significant austerity measures. “We have to prepare in good time for possible restrictions on the gas supply,” said Nuremberg Mayor Marcus König (CSU).

Nuremberg’s indoor and outdoor pools need 9.4 million kilowatt hours of district heating and around 800,000 kilowatt hours of gas each year. By closing the baths for 72 days, NürnbergBad frees up thermal energy for 383 households or around 1,500 people in the city and electricity for 789 households or 3,100 people. Since the outdoor pools are also currently running without additional pool heating, a total energy saving of 1.3 gigawatt hours is possible.