Scandal vaccine: Makron could not remain silent

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

Interesting processes taking place in Europe. On Europe Day, which is celebrated in the EU on 9 may, the leader of the French political party the National Association of marine Le Pen published an article that somehow slipped past first, so read it only recently. Main thesis: the European Union has run its course. The EU is not Europe, and disgusting fake. Need a “Europe of Nations”.

“Today, the sanitation crisis once again returned to relevance and legitimacy to the words that fell out of use because of the weakness of our leadership: “sovereignty”, “border”, “state strategy”, “the national interest”. Behind these semantic shifts can be seen an ideological victory, which will no doubt result in a future political change,” the article notes.

Soon after this article in France sparked a furious scandal, in which just turned out to be the very concept of “sovereignty,” “state strategy”, “the national interest”. Just it became known that the US has paid 226 million in French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi. By the way, the world-famous Pasteur Institute is the property of Sanofi. Americans paid an advance for making them a vaccine against coronavirus and expect to get it first, i.e. before the French. Payment took place on February 18.

did about the President Makron? Could not know, after all, a key figure in Sanofi, Serge Weinberg. He is a longtime close friend of Him and a senior fellow, which made him a patronage job in the Bank of Rothschild. That is the relationship more than trust.

Now the Macron in France accused of betraying national interests, saying the vaccine from French company must protect first of all France, and then, if anything, is USA. Soon Makron sort of called on the carpet by Executive Director Paul Hudson. But Hudson notcompared with Weinberg’s only a nominal figure.

the Macron — a clear conflict of interest. But from the point of view of the French. And from the United States, — nothing personal. Just business. Well, it’s only to take from China the plane with millions of masks destined for the French. That is, the transatlantic partnership is to put together at the White house tree, shake off the fuzz or dandruff from the shoulder of the Frenchman. But when it comes to serious, snuff apart.

Anastasia Popova

the Head of Sanofi, Serge Weinberg spotted a young Macron, when he was only 30. It was he who arranged it to the Bank of Rothschild, where the novice investor is instructed to engage in profitable transactions for the merger. After the first Makron was a millionaire. What Weinberg has provided him rise on a career ladder in the camp of the left, he invested in his presidential campaign, he Makron first told about the plans to create a movement “Republic March”. Relationships are long-standing, close and friendly. Macron as economy Minister helped him to invest and was transferred to the accounts of pharmaceutical giant millions of euros in taxes when it cut jobs.

“This is the 125 million Euro and a minimum, which every year sent the firm. It’s the money that puts the state on a study of a company that cut jobs in the field of research. It is inconceivable,” say the French media.

“If we didn’t give the money to the firm, she’d transferred all his research and even headquarters abroad,” said macron.

the Headquarters remained in Paris, but the main power that will be used for the production of vaccines against coronavirus, in Canada and the US, which has already been transferred to the accounts of French companies 226 million dollars. So delays in the delivery of drugs in the future should arise.

“It’s true we started very early to work with the American governmentsom, which paid us several hundred million euros. The US was ahead of everyone,” said Olivier Borzilo, head of the French subsidiary of Sanofi.

However, they have invested in the firm that’s mired in scandals. Philippine authorities accuse Sanofi that its vaccine against Dengue fever killed 10 kids. And cure of epilepsy “Depakine”, which was prescribed to pregnant women in France was the cause of the birth of about 30.5 thousands of children with disabilities. Damage was estimated at millions of euros, but Sanofi to compensate them refused.

“the State pays and helps these families. Sanofi has not transferred a single penny. They do what they want, and we can’t dare to Bang his fist on the table and something to say. They enjoy the privileges and all the way down to the penny, what you can borrow from the Treasury, take,” said Karo Fiat, member of the National Assembly from the party “Rebellious France.”

In January, macron in addition awarded to Serge Weinberg, the highest award — the Legion of honor. His pharmaceutical company now operates all the laws of global business that the President understands. Even as a Minister, it is for the $ 13 billion sold the rights to service the 58 French nuclear plants in the USA. A case of possible corruption collusion interested in prosecution.

“It is now because of Mr macron of France is no longer independent in the nuclear field. This is a man who rose from the Rothschilds, he does not mind, it is French, German or Russian firm. Most importantly — what kind of deal you can pull,” said Thierry Mariani, member of the European Parliament from the faction of “Identity and democracy”.

After the statement that the French company will receive the first vaccine in the United States, to remain silent did not work. Macron was forced to react, he invited the Executive Director to a private conversation to his Palace more for appearance, to somehow put out razgrebliSya scandal.

of Course, not the fact that the French company will develop the vaccine first, studies are now doing more than a hundred of the world’s leading laboratories. In any case, the vaccine will not appear until next year. The head of Sanofi assures that it will be available to all, only that the United States was the first, they pre-made the pre-order, and then the laws of the market, which this time a year before the presidential elections in France may work against the Emmanuel Macron.

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