Admittedly, a full-grown red deer has impressive proportions. Nevertheless, it is probably hunted more often than it scares off other animals. This is exactly what happened in Schleswig-Holstein.

The responsible forester of the Schleswig-Holstein state forests could hardly believe it herself when she discovered a wolf and a full-grown red deer on the forest path in front of her. But that’s not all: in front of her eyes and the camera of her smartphone, the wolf didn’t pounce on the tasty meal – instead the red animal swung its hooves and trotted straight towards the dangerous predator.

Hard to believe, but the courage was rewarded: Confused or surprised, the wolf turned around and after a few meters ran straight into the forest on the dirt road. The actual prey didn’t have enough and continued to follow the wolf. Eventually the red deer scrambled into the bushes and followed the wolf’s trail. What exactly happened there and whether the red deer was still so lucky with its courage can no longer be tracked on the video.

Schleswig-Holstein: The reason for the wolf’s withdrawal is unclear

For the forester, the sight was probably one of the most unusual of her career. This was also supported by the Schleswig-Holstein state forests, which wrote in their article: “Normally wild animals such as red deer, roe deer and wild boar can be found, as well as carrion, berries, small mammals or, unfortunately, with appropriate access, herd animals such as sheep the diet of the wolf again. However, this does not seem to suit this resolute red adult animal in the Segeberger Heide, so that it quickly turns the tables and from the hunted to the (dis) hunter. It’s a good thing that our forester is on the spot at the right moment was to capture this rare situation on camera!”

However, the experts could not finally explain why the wolf ran away from the wild animal. Maybe it was a young wolf or he was simply surprised by the situation and therefore retreated.