This election went as smoothly as expected: Daniel Günther received a clear vote from the state parliament in Kiel for a second term as head of government.

The CDU politician Daniel Günther has been re-elected Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein. The 48-year-old received 47 out of 66 votes cast in the state parliament on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the new black-green state cabinet has been constituted. Günther was pleased with the unanimous approval of the coalition factions for him. “We have big tasks ahead of us for Schleswig-Holstein in the next five years,” said Günther. The coalition has set itself ambitious goals and there is a sense of optimism in the cabinet.

“We know we have big goals in our luggage, heavy stones,” said Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Monika Heinold (Greens). Black-Green see themselves as a climate coalition. The heads of department then went to their houses, where staff meetings were pending. In the afternoon, the cabinet members are to be sworn in in the state parliament.

The future coalition partners CDU and Greens together have 48 of the 69 mandates in Parliament. However, a CDU MP was missing from the vote. “I will carry out this office with humility and respect,” said Günther after the election. He spoke of challenging times and also thanked the FDP cabinet members who had left.

Coalition agreement just signed

The CDU clearly won the state election on May 8 with 43.4 percent ahead of the Greens, who got 18.3 percent. The leaders of the CDU and Greens officially signed the joint coalition agreement on Tuesday. Both state party conventions approved the contract on Monday, paving the way for the formation of a joint government.

It is the first black-green alliance in the northernmost state. In the past five years, both parties had governed together with the FDP in a so-called Jamaica alliance.

The CDU-led ministries, some of which have been reorganized, are: Education (Karin Prien), Interior (Sabine Sütterlin-Waack), Justice/Health (Kerstin von der Decken), Agriculture (Werner Schwarz/all CDU) and Economics (Claus Ruhe Madsen ). The former mayor of Rostock is still independent.

The Greens occupy the finance (Monika Heinold), social affairs (Aminata Touré) and environment/energy (Tobias Goldschmidt) departments. With Dirk Schrödter – in the future in the rank of minister – the CDU also provides the head of the state chancellery.