Scotland Yard gave the demonstrators a hard-coded condition

Central London has captivated thousands of supporters of the ultra-left and ultra-right. There is the battle around the statue of Churchill. For some, he is an imperialist and a racist, for others — a great patriot. What kind of “discussion”, the police was clear in advance. Introduced the so-called 60th Protocol that allows tough measures.

In London, held several demonstrations. In the square before the Parliament met those who call themselves defenders of monuments, among them — the extreme right and football fans. Several times they had clashed with the police. In the course went fists, flying beer bottles and cans.

the Demonstrators tried to break through the ring, which was created by the police. Many of the participants in this brawl don’t want their faces was visible. To curb the unrest, the British government was ordered to work round the clock, the courts and threatens to arrest hooligans. But wound up the crowd not so easy to stop.

two journalists Suffered. The police brought them to a safe distance, to provide them with medical care. Clashes arise spontaneously logic in the actions of the protesters there. What is clear is that the calls of the police and the government to refrain from participating in street protests did not help.

London city hall before shut down many monuments in the city centre, plywood boards, boarded-up monument to Churchill. Right-wing radicals only whet is the attitude of the government. Participants of the demonstration against racism and demand to send the statue of Churchill to the Museum.

the leaders of the local movement “black Lives matters” urged supporters to stay away from Central London, not to provoke clashes with the far right. The police put up a barrier on the Whitehall, near the residence of Boris Johnson, which usually aspire to the demonstrators, hoping thus to divide hostile groups. The street going away from Parliament square, covered double cordons of police. In small groups they let out of the ring wanting to leave the demonstrators.

Scotland Yard has set a tough condition after five o’clock in the evening London time have all got to go – and threatening arrest to those who do not obey the authorities.