Billy Maxton, 67, and Bob Burnett, 69, are two dedicated Scotland fans who found themselves in a bit of a wardrobe predicament during their trip to Germany for Euro 2024. These two friends, who are known for always sporting their traditional kilts while cheering on the Tartan Army, were left with no choice but to wear their kilts for two weeks straight after their luggage went missing upon their arrival in Munich.

Despite the unfortunate situation, Billy and Bob maintained a positive attitude and made the most of their time in Germany. They were excited about attending all the games and experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of the tournament. Even though they had hoped to have some casual clothing for the days in-between matches, they embraced their kilts and made the best of the situation.

As they roamed the streets of Germany in their full kilt regalia, they attracted attention from tourists who were eager to take pictures with them. Pari Salazadeh from Iran and Michelle Jamieson from Florida were among those who joined in on the fun and expressed their admiration for the Scots’ spirit and enthusiasm.

While the prospect of spending three weeks in the same clothes might not be ideal for many, Billy and Bob were determined to support their team no matter what. They joked about the potential odor emanating from their attire but remained focused on enjoying the tournament and cheering for Scotland.

Their dedication to the Tartan Army and their unwavering enthusiasm for the games reflected the true spirit of sports fandom. Despite the luggage mishap, Billy and Bob’s story became a memorable part of their Euro 2024 adventure, showcasing their resilience and passion for the beautiful game. As they continued to spread joy and laughter with their unique attire, they embodied the essence of camaraderie and sportsmanship that transcends borders and cultures. Cheers to Billy and Bob, the kilt-wearing ambassadors of Scottish football!