Dariush Beigui rescued refugees from the Mediterranean. The Hamburg captain is being tried in Italy for this. In contrast, people who picked up Ukrainian refugees from the border were applauded. Is that fair? Jonas Wagner

Dariush Beigui is standing at the Schauspiel in Frankfurt am Main, an unadorned building with a glass facade. Opposite the old skyscraper of the European Central Bank, in front of it a sculpture of the euro sign, which is hung with the Ukraine flag on this day. When Beigui sees the blue and yellow flag, he says: “Actually, I just want to scold people.”

Of course, Beigui is also happy about how the refugees from the Ukraine are being received here. About the solidarity, the willingness to help. At the same time, he finds it all mendacious, unfair, even racist. Later that evening, Beigui calls out on the theater stage: “It has to stop being a question of passport, skin color or origin if and how someone is helped.”