Sean Connery’s James Bond car is up for auction. The late actor’s family would like to donate a portion of the proceeds.

A “unique opportunity” for all Bond fans! The family of Sir Sean Connery (1930-2020) put the late actor’s Aston Martin DB5 up for auction. The gray 1964 car is being auctioned through Broad Arrow Auctions. The company estimates the proceeds at between US$1.4 million and US$1.8 million.

One-off drive by Formula 1 legend Jackie Stewart will also be auctioned

The DB5 was secret agent James Bond’s classic car and the only one of its kind that Connery himself owned. The auction house therefore describes the offer as a “unique opportunity”. The price also includes a ride from Formula 1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart (82). Stewart and Connery, both from Scotland, have been lifelong friends. “The drive will no doubt be memorable, but the opportunity to perhaps learn a little more about Sir Sean from a lifelong friend will no doubt be an irresistible aspect of the bonus,” reads the DB5’s official description.

Connery’s son Jason (59) recalled his father’s relationship with the vehicle in a statement: “Father always talked about owning his own DB5 for no other reason than that he loves the car. In hindsight think I think it represented something in his life that was unique.” Much of the proceeds will go to the Connerys Philanthropy Foundation – an “act that we know would have made our father very happy,” Jason said.