In the stern crime podcast “Spurensuche” investigators and specialists talk about their most exciting cases. In the fourth episode of the new season, Andrea Ritter talks to Peter Richard about a police scandal that made history.

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How do you convict murderers? Why do people become perpetrators? And what abysses can be in each of us? In the stern crime podcast “Spurensuche” investigators and specialists help to make the at first sight incomprehensible understandable. For the seventh season of the podcast, Andrea Ritter, Bernd Volland, Nicolas Büchse and Giuseppe Di Grazia meet the best experts in Germany, who talk about their most exciting cases and the special challenges of their profession.

“Spurensuche” episode 7-4 with policeman Peter Reichard

Hamburg, mid-1970s: St. Pauli is a thriving place for luxury brothels and gambling. It’s the golden era in the neighborhood. And the time when offshoots of the US-Italian mafia began to take an interest in West Germany. The policeman Peter Reichard was in the thick of things back then. He gets a special assignment: he investigates undercover in his own ranks, because high-ranking officials are also involved in organized crime. In the end, a department of the Kripo had to be completely dissolved – and Hamburg set up one of the first anti-corruption departments in post-war Germany.