In the Ukraine war, Russia apparently cannot achieve its goals quickly. Intelligence information points to planning through October.

Very few believe that the Ukraine war could end soon, probably not even Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. The Russian military itself is preparing for a longer duration, according to Ukrainian military intelligence. The planning of the Russian armed forces has been extended for 120 more days until October 2022, the military experts of the US Institute for the Study of the War (ISW) reported on Saturday (local time), citing information from secret service deputy director Wadym Skibizkij. The Russian military will continue to adjust its plans depending on the success in the Donbas, this happens almost monthly.

Kremlin does not expect quick successes in Ukraine

According to the ISW, the information indicated that the Kremlin does not believe that it will be able to achieve its goals in Ukraine quickly. It is an attempt by the Russian military to correct initial deficiencies in the offensive.

The ISW is an American think tank headquartered in Washington and is considered a non-profit organization. The aim of the institute is to provide information on ongoing armed conflicts and military operations. The institute, which is partly financed by industrial companies, has been providing daily reports on the war in Ukraine since February.

According to the information, secret service deputy director Skibizkij also estimates that the Russian armed forces had another 40 combat battalions. 103 battalions are already in Ukraine. However, according to ISW experts, given the shortage of personnel at the front, it is unlikely that the Russian military would keep such a large part of its armed forces in reserve. It may be a mash-up of units.

In Ukraine, however, the fighting continues relentlessly. According to its own statements, the Russian army destroyed a depot in the west of the country over the weekend, in which weapons delivered from the west were said to have been stored. The “large deposit with anti-tank missiles, portable air defense systems and grenades” near the city of Chortkiv was attacked with Kalibr cruise missiles, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said on Sunday. Ukraine reported 22 wounded in Russian attack in Chortkiv.

Quellen: dpa, Institute for the Study of the War (ISW)