Senator cannon: America has shown the true face of the Western world

riots and pogroms in the United States removed the glossy cover with the American dream. This opinion was expressed by Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on information policy Alexei Pushkov live on TV channel “Russia 1”, commenting on your post in social networks about the fact that the US claims to global leadership, “fell” and came in the time of “the confusion”. According to him, the internal racial division in the United States caused a huge and powerful blow to the credibility and image of the country.

“Now we all saw the real America. The United States demonstrated throughout the Western world those parts which are usually in a decent society do not show,” said the Senator.

According to Pushkov, compare the ongoing unrest in the United States with the Ukrainian Maidan is not:

“independence is a managed story. It has local political leaders who have the direct support from abroad. Maidan was started for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. If anyone tries to use it to weaken the trump, I mean, not specifically meant to be a story. I don’t think that the Democrats that came up with and put it under trump. It exploded the ethnic bomb in the United States,” added Pushkov.

“It’s definitely not independence, but a very serious signal of fragility and neblagopoluchnomu the current United States”, — concluded the Senator.