Sergey Lavrov: the pandemic has put everything in its place

the Pandemic put an end to the idea of the triumph of the ultra-liberal Western model of development and the solution to all problems market methods. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an article for the Chinese edition of Global Times, noting that this approach has played a cruel joke with his supporters.

Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia stressed that a much greater resistance to stress showed a self-sufficient country in which the debugged mechanism of mobilization, but the major players remain the state with its national interests, reports channel “Russia 24″the pen

As pointed out by Sergey Lavrov, now demand a global “diplomatic concert” with the Central coordinating role of the UN. According to him, the current epidemiological crisis will contribute to the realization of “no alternative monocentric” world order that was formed after the Second world war, passed the test of time and has a large margin of safety. “Enshrined in the Charter of the world organization, the principles remain the unshakable Foundation for the building of interstate communication and in modern conditions”, — he added. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that the UN, like any living organism, requires “constant fine adjustments, accurate, precise adaptation to a multipolar realities, reports TASS.