Correspondent in London

The fragile consensus on the withdrawal agreement from the EU that the british government has not held 24 hours. Thursday morning, two ministers and three secretaries of State have slammed the door of the government in protest. The minister in charge of Brexit, Dominic Raab announced that he could “not support in consciousness the proposed terms of the exit from the EU”. This is the second occupant of this position crucial to resign in four months, after David Davis in July for the same reasons, at the same time as Boris Johnson. It has been imitated by his secretary of State, Suella Braverman, it also pro-Brexit.

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a Few moments later, it was the turn of minister of state for work and pensions Esther McVey to announce his departure. “The agreement that you have presented to the cabinet yesterday did not honor the outcome of the referendum”, stated in his letter to Theresa May. Another secretary of State followed this past the not.

This is a violent blow to the first minister. Not sure that his strategy is painfully drawn out unscathed. Kept out of the negotiations with Brussels-led “live” by Downing Street, Dominic Raab, 44, was one of the heavy-weight pro-Brexit government. He was ridiculed last week, admitting that he had not made that recently the characteristic geographical island of Great Britain and its dependence on the axis Calais-Dover for its supplies.

Theresa May and her family were ready to cash out the departures of a few figures of the second plan. In the early morning, an obscure secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Shailesh Vara, had already announced his resignation. But the torture chinese of these lâchages in the series was not expected. Hard to see how we bounce back.

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“democratic control”

In his letter of resignation, Raab explains that “the regulatory regime proposed for the Northern Ireland presents a very real threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom”. “No democratic nation has never signed in order to be subject to such a regime, imposed from outside, without any democratic control over the laws that must be applied,” he continues. In addition, he deplores the mechanism put in place to ensure the absence of border irish, in which “the EU holds a veto on our ability to get out”.

He sums up the objections of the Brexiters to the agreement between London and Brussels, discussed for five hours Wednesday at a meeting surging of the council of ministers. Several proeuropéens now share these doubts, and plead for the organisation of a new referendum, like Shailesh Vara or Jo Johnson, brother of Boris, who resigned Friday from the secretariat of State for Transport.

May under maximum pressure

It is under a maximum pressure that Theresa May has to face on Thursday morning the Parliament to introduce him to his agreement very criticized, and answer a barrage of questions. The vote very uncertain of deputies, scheduled for December, on the text, is rendered still more hypothetical by the resignation of Dominic Raab, who gives the impression that the rats are leaving the Titanic before the sinking. Theresa May has assured his ministers that the choice between their hands was between this agreement, the “best possible”, a sudden reversal without agreement or not to Brexit.

The rumors of a coup are escalating. The Brexiters are trying to work together to launch a vote of no confidence against the prime minister. Their strategy is to reverse the table before the text spoken will be presented to Parliament. Just 48 letters of conservative mps to trigger the procedure. A threshold that is about to be reached.