In the semifinals of the French Open, Alexander Zverev twisted his ankle and had to give up. Before the final diagnosis, brother Mischa announced that participation in the tournament in Wimbledon at the end of June was “out of the question”.

The image that captures the moment of injury hurts just to look at. Germany’s tennis superstar badly twisted his ankle in the semifinals at the French Open against Rafael Nadal at the end of the second set and had to give up. Now, after the final examinations in Munich, the diagnosis is pending, but Zverev’s brother Mischa has already announced that Zverev will miss the most important tennis tournament in the world in Wimbledon: “Wimbledon is out of the question, that’s clear,” he told the “Bild” . “If only one or two tapes are through, he can walk again next week. If many are affected, it can take months.” The third Grand Slam tournament of the year takes place from June 27th to July 10th.

After initial examinations, the 25-year-old announced that he had torn several collateral ligaments in his foot. On Monday we went to Germany to be examined by the Davis Cup doctor Tim Kinateder in Munich and to clarify whether anything else in the foot had broken apart from the collateral ligaments.

Mischa Zverez: He is strong

Zverev’s brother Mischa had previously stated that the first serious injury in his career would not throw the native of Hamburg off track. “He’s strong, he has a strong body, a strong will and the family is also very strong-willed,” Mischa Zverev told Eurosport. “I think he’ll come back even stronger, even more mature, even calmer, more confident.”

Next week, Zverev will be number two in the world rankings better than ever before in his career.