“Bachelor in Paradise” dream couple Samira Klampfl and Serkan Yavuz have announced the birth of their daughter.

Former “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate Serkan Yavuz (29) announced the birth of his daughter in an Instagram post. “Finally you’re here my angel, healthy and well and that’s the most important thing. You made your mom and me so incredibly happy,” explained the TV star, adding: “You make us complete. We’re a small family now with lots of love for you and us.”

That’s his daughter’s name

He also published a picture of him lying next to his child and holding his hand. He always wanted to be there for his “little princess” and have a “protective hand” over her, he continues. “Welcome to this world ‘Nova Skye Sya’,” he also revealed the name of his daughter, who was born on May 23.

The new mother Samira Klampfl (28) also published a first picture together with her daughter. She wrote: “Everything changed that night: now you are our life Nova Skye Sya. With your 4,845 grams and 56 cm you triggered something in us that we were not allowed to get to know: unconditional love.” The love for the father of the little ones also changed with the birth – “I met him in paradise and now he has given me heaven on earth.”

Samira Klampfl and Serkan Yavuz found each other in the third season of “Bachelor in Paradise”. In the RTL dome show, singles meet who have not found their happiness in love with “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” and are looking for it again. “It was clear to me that she would be the mother of my children,” Yavuz said in the dome show reunion show, where the couple announced the pregnancy.