Ernie and Bert and other stars of “Sesame Street” learned Ukrainian in order to be able to give some joy to refugee children.

The popular stars of “Sesame Street”, from Ernie and Bert to Elmo, have been diligently studying Ukrainian in order to be able to entertain children who have fled to Germany from war-torn countries. Various adventures of the characters can now be found in the ARD media library and on, which are between 5 and 15 minutes long and have been translated into the mother tongue for Ukrainian children.

You can see, for example, “Elmo’s World”, the math-loving vampire Graf Zahl or the series “Ernie and Bert in the Land of Dreams” made from plasticine. The heroes of “Sesame Street” are thus expanding the ARD range that has been created since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. The first content in Ukrainian for refugee children and their families was already uploaded in mid-March.

Many other children’s favorites are already there

This should enable them to “regain moments of calm and distraction”. Among other things, with “Shaun the Sheep”, “The Little Mole”, “Wish