Seventeen, a South Korean boyband with 13 members, made history as the first K-pop act to perform on Glastonbury’s main Pyramid Stage. Despite being less known in the UK, Seventeen’s music sales last year exceeded every other pop act worldwide, except Taylor Swift. What sets Seventeen apart from other K-pop groups is their unique approach to creating music. They function both as a full ensemble and in three sub-units: hip-hop, vocal, and performance.

The group’s consistency and teamwork have been praised by Dr. Kim Youngdae, a South Korean music critic and ethnomusicologist. Seventeen has managed to maintain their energy and motivation over time, always delivering solid music and innovative performances. Their success has been evident from their first EP, 17 Carat, to their mini-album FML, which became the most-sold K-pop album in its opening week.

Managed by Pledis Entertainment, a subsidiary of Hybe Corporation, Seventeen’s music spans various genres, showcasing their versatility and musical talent. Their devoted fanbase, known as “Carats,” celebrated the band’s invitation to Glastonbury, recognizing the significance of K-pop’s growing influence on the global music industry.

Seventeen’s performance at Glastonbury marks a milestone in their journey towards worldwide fame, as producer Bumzu had envisioned. The group’s showmanship and contagious energy are expected to captivate audiences, offering a masterclass in modern pop performance. As K-pop continues to break cultural barriers and gain recognition on the global stage, Seventeen’s achievement at Glastonbury signifies a new era for the genre.