At full throttle, the SUV raced into the group of people celebrating. Few details are known, but the police are assuming it was a tragic accident.

In Riedstadt, southern Hesse, eight guests at a birthday party were injured, some seriously, when a woman drove her car through a hut.

The 33-year-old also attended the celebration, the police said. She then got into her SUV parked in front of the hut with her husband, gave full throttle and drove through the building. According to initial findings, the police are assuming it was a tragic accident.

Two people were seriously injured, one seriously injured was taken to the hospital by helicopter, police said. Eight other people were cared for by a pastor.

Around 75 emergency services were deployed after the incident in the Riedstadt district of Crumstadt. Further details – such as the background to the incident and the identity of the injured – were initially unknown.