Heavy rain and hailstones three centimeters in size: the muggy, warm weather with summer temperatures means there is an increased potential for severe weather. Where it should crack and when.

Severe thunderstorms threaten parts of Germany on Thursday and Friday.

In Emsland, the German Weather Service (DWD) expects showers and thunderstorms as early as Thursday morning, in the west and northwest as well as in the Black Forest and on the Alps, especially from the afternoon. There can also be storms with heavy rain of up to 40 liters per square meter, storm or hurricane gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour and hailstones three centimeters in size.

The reason for the thunderstorms is a warm and increasingly very humid air mass coming from the west. During the day it gets muggy to hot, with temperatures of up to 27 and 32 degrees. In the southeast and east of Germany, on the other hand, it will be sunny and dry on Thursday.

“Significantly increased” storm potential also on Friday

According to the meteorologists, the thunderstorms will continue to spread on Friday night. In the west and southwest, renewed showers and thunderstorms are expected in some areas, in the north with individual, sometimes strong thunderstorms. According to the DWD, the potential for severe weather in the west and north is also “significantly increased” on Friday. Towards evening, heavy thunderstorms can also be expected in the middle of Germany.

On Friday morning there will be strong thunderstorms from the northwest and west to the eastern low mountain range. Later, the thunderstorms spread and sometimes heavy rain, heavy gusts of wind to hurricanes and larger hail are expected.

Only in the north and north-east and in the south of Germany is there a low chance of thunderstorms. There will be a few showers in the south on Saturday night. On Saturday it cools down a bit and the showers and thunderstorms retreat towards the edge of the Alps. In the night to Sunday, the thunderstorms will also subside there.