Since the birth of our daughter, I can no longer let myself go during sex – no desire, no enjoyment, no orgasm. Until my naturopath sent me to a tantric massage and I was positively surprised in the most beautiful way.

“You should go to a tantra massage,” says my naturopath. I’m blushing. “You’re so open-minded, I can advise you,” she continues. I don’t feel open at all right now. Wasn’t tantra with the intimate massage? And that’s supposed to help me with my listlessness?

I drive home confused and google it on the subway. Tantra is basically something like yoga – a philosophical school. However, unlike yoga, where asceticism is important, tantrics are all about liveliness. The Chi, the life force, should flow. Therefore, the sexual energy is activated. The intimate area is therefore also stimulated during the tantric massage. “Happy finish for the chi,” I think, grinning widely.