“The Bachelorette” has suffered in recent years from the fact that the chemistry was often wrong. This year seems to be different. This is not only due to Rosenkavalierin Sharon Battiste.

Past seasons of The Bachelorette have often fallen short of expectations. For example, ex-Rosenkavalierin Maxime Herbord was a bit too reserved and some of the candidates were disinterested. In other seasons, the gentlemen enjoyed drinks and party music in their mansion instead of reflecting on why they are constantly being filmed by cameras.

But the current edition of the dome show is different and yes: better.

“The Bachelorette”: Sharon shows up without hair

In Wednesday night’s episode, what viewers had been waiting for for some time happened. The bachelorette Sharon Battiste, who suffers from circular hair loss, showed the men without a wig.

For the first time, she was only allowed to see candidate Lukas, whom she had invited to a single date. After the two had written down their wishes for the future and bathed together, the time had come: Sharon, without a wig, walked up to Lukas, who beamed at her.

You could tell the actress was nervous about the moment and at the same time she seemed confident and happy to finally show herself as she is. And she couldn’t have chosen anyone better for this touching moment than the hamburger, who reacted exactly as she had wished. He not only told her that he still thinks she’s beautiful and kissed her bald head, but loosened up the emotional situation with a joke. “Bald and bald – that goes without saying,” said Lukas casually.

There hasn’t been such a human scene in the history of the dome show for a long time. Because the moment made it almost impossible for Sharon and Lukas to pretend to each other. If you can never be quite sure in front of the TV set whether a candidate wants to make a name for himself for an influencer career or actually has feelings for the other person, Sharon’s and Luke’s interaction seemed honest.

Authentic and human

The single date of the two could be an example of what makes this “Bachelorette” season unique: it is authentic. Battiste’s medical history is only part of it, but an important one. Because what the previous editions often lacked were real emotions. Those that resonate with the viewers and don’t dry up the moment the scene has flickered over the television sets.

In addition, Battiste is telegenic and confident in front of the camera, which certainly has something to do with her profession as an actress. Her great talent is to infect men with her style. Of course, there are also conversations in this season in which the foreign shame barometer shoots up. And not every candidate has the talent to get past small talk. But for the most part, the Bachelorette is particularly convincing with her humor and her ability to laugh not only at herself, but also at the strange circumstances that a TV show entails. That it feels like it’s pouring rain on every second date and plans have to change constantly – just one example.

In the end, Sharon Battiste is expected to leave the show with one contestant (and, let’s be honest, it can only be Lukas). “Bachelorette” fans should not only remember their season because of the last rose – but because they made them feel something.