again and again. Janet Armstrong (Claire Foy) to the heads of NASA to assert

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On 21 July 1969 entered Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) as the first human to the moon. In “awakening the moon” will be paid to his unforgettable performance with Ryan Gosling (37) in the main role, finally, on film tribute. A no less important Part in the strip, Claire Foy (34) holds but as Neil’s first wife, Janet. The actress was previously, especially as a young Queen Elizabeth in the series “The Crown”. With the news Agency spot on news they talked about a Commonality of these two historical figures.

Two women, one quandary

As an expert in it, to embody real characters, not see them, in spite of this, once again an impressive performance in “awakening the moon” by the way. In a direct comparison of Janet Armstrong and the young Queen Elizabeth, she notes: “There are two very different people with very different backgrounds. The one Commonality they share is the fact that none of the two was allowed to Express in Public, as you would have done it gladly.”

This makes a lot of sense, because, as the young Queen also Janet Armstrong is “on the move to the moon” in a quandary. The space race of the United States of America and the Soviet Union threatens to destroy their family. To the prestigious journey of a man to the moon on a good face for risky game to make, without knowing whether Neil will return – Foy’s performance demands the deepest respect.

A Person is not able to attend but, unfortunately, the real Janet Armstrong. “You can’t see the movie. But she has read the script and was also during the entire pre-production on Board,” said Foy to spot on the news. Janet Armstrong was on 21. June 2018, at the age of 84 years died. From the 8. November Neil Armstrong’s trip will start to the moon in the German cinemas.